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Rabu, Januari 14, 2009

Magetan Ngumandang

Magetan is a small town. It lies on the sloup of mount Lawu. There are many interesting plays such as: Sarangan Lake, Telaga Wurung, Water Falls, Leather Craft and Bambo Craft and the special place for planting orange area. If you go to the Magetan will be fail if don’t go to those area. For example sarangan lake.
Sarangan is the special place for Magetan to intreduce to another city or another country. Sarangan is more populer with Telaga Sarangan. Exzaktly It lies on the east of slope mount Lawu. Sarangan is the beatiful place. The climate is cool and fresh, becouse there many plants or forest. You can go around on foot, row by boat and by horse.
Beside that Mageta has many interesting songs, such as Magetan Ngumandang, Jalan Tembus, Telaga Sarangan, Batik Sidomukti dsb.
From Magetan more about 15 km. you can go by motor sycle, public transpot, bus etc. beside indivi car. And the west of sarangan lake you can see the water falls. Its call Grojogan Sewu.

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